Rooted in the agricultural and natural beauty of Vermont, The Crooked Ram is guided by local-first sourcing, with intentional additions of regional and international products that align with our sustainable efforts. We thrive on sharing the stories of independent family farms, winemakers, brewers and artisans, as we curate every aspect of our guest experience—from the pours to the playlist.

From biodynamic wines and wild-fermented beers, to Vermont-made cheeses and New England’s freshest oysters, every item on our menu is selected for its unmatched quality and ability to start a conversation. Unfussy and ingredient-driven, this understated excellence extends to our hospitality, leaving room for the questions, curiosity and connection that define any great meal.



Raised in Georgia and North Carolina, Peter studied Fine Arts at Boston University before landing in the artist mecca of Brooklyn, NY. There, he developed numerous creative projects, while working at an art gallery and as a general project manager. The latter experience introduced him to the fast-paced industries of high frequency trading, finance, commercial real estate, construction and hospitality—with the added benefit of traveling the globe. From London, to Singapore, to Chicago, Peter spent several years eating, drinking and exploring some of the world’s most incredible cities, which influenced both his palate and his artistic practice. In 2015, seeking an opportunity to refocus on his interests in design, music, permaculture, food and drink, he and his wife Courtney headed north to Manchester with their two sons. Their third child—The Crooked Ram—was born in 2017, with the help of their incredible local community in southern Vermont.



A proud Michigan native, Kolton was raised with a year-round appreciation for the great outdoors, from fishing, to hunting, to skiing. His culinary ambitions were kindled somewhere between lakeside bonfires and enrolling at the New England Culinary Institute in Burlington, VT—a career choice that eventually led him west to Breckenridge, Colorado. Over eight years in the Rockies, Kolton mastered the craft of front-of-house management in a busy tourist town, while gaining a deep respect for all the ways mother nature can kick your butt. From bowhunting for elk, to storm chasing in the mountains, the only logical conclusion after his Colorado experience was to move somewhere even wilder: New Zealand. Over one jam-packed year, Kolton’s fascination with all things outdoors became even more profound, as did his love of Vegemite and meat pies. Eventually moving back to Vermont, Kolton has dialed back his death-defying adventures (a bit) to pursue a new chapter as a business owner and family man.



Born and raised on the shores of Cape Cod, Nevin’s culinary memories revolve around digging quahogs  with the clam rake handed down from his grandfather, learning how to make  stuffed quahogs the perfect New England chowder. A second generation professional cook, he began his kitchen career at the age of 16 and attended the school of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island. Over 13 years, he then cooked his way through the many cuisines of Boston, from fancy French, to new Nordic, to traditional Italian and traveled to Mexico, Spain, France and Israel. During that time, he also pursued several side hustles, trying his hand at catering private dinners, hosting pop ups, unique concept meals and yoga retreats, as well as building a custom food cart to bring to farmers markets. Drawn to Vermont by the bubbling creativity and DIY culture he had long admired from afar, Nevin has become an avid forager and fermenter, as well as a respected culinary podcaster. At the Crooked Ram, he finds inspiration in preparing vegetables and seafood, as well as the occasional black walnut harvest, when hunter friends show up with fresh geese, peasants and enjoys a wild turkey hunt.