Housemade Cheese Scone - $11
Salami, Soppressata & Fermented Garlic Honey

House Smoked Ham & Cheese Sandwich - $14
Rupert Rising Bread, Springbrook Tarataise Cheese, Pickled Onion, Garlic Honey Mustard, & Local Greens Salad

Honey Roasted Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich - $14
Rupert Rising Bread, Cabot Cheddar, Lemon Preserve Garlic Aioli, Fig Jam, Pickled Onion 

Whipped Feta Dip - $11
Served w/ Perserved Lemon, Dukkah & Toasted Baguette

Quinoa Salad - $14
Served w/ Edamame, Carrot, Green Garlic & Soy Ginger Dressing


[Cheese Selections Change Monthly]

Single Serving - $8

Board of Three - $18
Includes housemade pairings and toasted bread.

Ram’s Board- $26
Includes a choice of three cheeses, three charcuterie options, housemade pairings, dried fruit, nuts and toasted bread.


Quicos - Portuguese Corn Nuts - $3.50

Olives - $5

Marcona Almonds - $5